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Tax partnership program 

Image by Felipe Gregate

Become a tax partner and make up to six figures in 120 days.


Our Services


Why join ?

  • Earn a years’ worth of income in 120 days.  

  • Relax the rest of the year.   

  • Work for yourself and be your own boss.  

  • Work from anywhere at anytime.



What is covered after payment ?

The set up fees covers all cost associated with getting the individual prepared and all material needed to become a licensed tax preparer with the IRS.  A laptop will be included as well as basic marketing material business cards, personal email domain (yourname) etc.  For further information on this please download our (BROCHURE) guide on the Tax Partnership 


How much is it ?

  • $3,000 using installment plan ($250)

  • $2,499 full payment 

The luxury to build your brand and then working on your time while getting paid is beautiful 

Mika Z.

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